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SERIESTIP 1# Self Made

Self Made is a series describing the life of madam C.J. Walker. She starts off as a laundress, but notices that she has much more to offer. And more importantly, she has a strong belief that she can do more! She wants to achieve something a dark woman has never achieved . She also wants to help other women. Something I really recognize myself in. A beautifully moving and powerful story.

Start before you are ready! You have got so much more to offer this world! If you want it, you can do it! Just have a great belief in what you can achieve…

SERIESTIP 2# Coisa mais Linda

I have not even finished this series yet … but I can already recommend it! This beautiful lady in the picture is let down by her husband. Financially, everything has been taken from her, while she left everything behind to start a new life in Rio. She is upset for a moment … but quickly grabs herself together and she finds her inner strength again! Nothing can stop her from making her dream come true in Rio!

The strength this woman is radiating, the way she keeps taking good care of herself, the way she attracts other women to join her in realizing her dream…inspiring!

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